Grants in Action

Stacked Deck Mini-Grant

The NCPGP offers mini grants ranging from $1,800 to $5,000 to implement an evidence-based program called Stacked Deck to middle schools, high schools and at-risk community-based programs. Offered in five to six sessions that extend from 35-45 minutes each, the program is aimed at changing gambling-related attitudes, knowledge, beliefs and practices. It also seeks to improve decision-making and problem-solving. The Stacked Deck curriculum is heavily interactive, including activities such as role-playing. Participants have designed posters and produced videos with problem gambling messages and helpline information.


Murphy Middle School : 
Stacked Deck Poster Winners 2018

In observance of March, Problem Gambling Awareness Month, eighth-graders at Murphy Middle School learned about history, symptoms and repercussions of problem gambling and created posters to promote gambling addiction prevention and treatment. Six of those posters were displayed on the school’s bulletin board.

Students are Rachel Reid, Chelsea Dockery, Faith Ann Revis, Katelyn Detteweiler, Lanie Vuick and Francis Nguyen (from left).

Andrews Middle School :
School Counselor engages students

School Counselor, Lauren Gentry, engaged the entire school in a door-decorating contest during Problem Gambling Awareness Month. Each class worked on the doors as a group project.

Hiwassee Dam High School : 
Poster competition

Teacher, Frank Dickey, at Hiwassee Dam High School has his students compete in a poster competition. 

The winner this year was Seth Holliday.

Hayesville High School :
Students Designing Posters

Teacher, Nic Rumfelt, at Hayesville High School has his students engage in designing poster. Two of his students are featured showing off their posters. 

Students are Mariah Hodges and Madi Crisler (from left).

Martins Creek School :
Designing Posters

Teacher, Lisa Graves, at Martins Creek School has her students engage in designing posters in Publisher. She picked the top five to showcase.

College and University Mini-Grant

The NCPGP offers mini grants up to $5,000 to universities and colleges to promote problem gambling education and outreach to students, faculty and staff. Colleges and universities across North Carolina receive grant funding to implement screening in counseling centers, engage students in events and awareness building activities and create campus wide policies. Departments such as counseling centers, marketing and graphic design have collaborated to create outreach materials and events.


Rowan-Cabarrus Community College :
Statewide graphic design T-shirt contest

Graphic Design students at Rowan-Cabarrus Community College competed for the statewide graphic design T-shirt contest. 

Lori Irwin was the contest winner. Her T-shirt design will be on the NC Problem Gambling Program T-shirt.

Find the RCCC blog post here:

Nash Community College  :
PSA and T-shirt design contest

Nash Community College put together a PSA and had a competition for the design for the T-shirt. Emely Morales won the contest.

Nash Community College PSA